Sell 200.000mt Palm Diesel & Bio-Oil

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The palm diesel (B5) plant is tentatively scheduled for operation this year and shipment is targeted for 3rd quarter 2007. We are looking at a MINIMUM of 200.000mt/annum production with compliant with the DIN EN14214 standard.

Bio-oil is a new source of renewable energy in the world energy market. Our bio-oil derived from oil palm empty fruit bunches (EFB) .

Application of Bio-oil

Bio-oil can be utilized in a large number of applications, which can be
divided into four main groups, eg. heat, power, transport fuels and
chemicals. Bio-oil combustion in a boiler or furnace for heat is the most
simple and straightforward application. Bio-oil can replace both heavy and
light fuel oils in industrial boilers. Bio-oil co-combustion in an
industrial, natural gas-fired power plant has been successfully
demonstrated. This is the application we are currently promoting now.

Diesel engines and gas turbines for power production have been tested on
bio-oil, but some developments is still required. Transport fuels can be
derived from bio-oil either by direct upgrading or by gasification combined
with gas-to-liquid synthesis to produce methanol, Fischer-Tropsch diesel.
Last but not least, potentially high-value chemicals can be extracted, such
as adhesives for wood, preservatives, browning/flavouring of food and more.
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