Sell 2006 Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf, NGC MS67

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2006 Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf, NGC MS67

Unique Palladium Coin
Palladium is one of the noble metals, a member of the platinum group. Palladium is a white metal that is virtually impossible to corrode with chemicals.

These exceptional palladium properties make the metal nearly perfect for use in coinage. However, due to the extremely high melting point of palladium, mint officials must exercise meticulous procedures to produce a coin minted in 99.95% pure palladium.

Official Specifications
- Each Palladium Maple Leaf coin contains one troy ounce of pure palladium.
 The certified purity of each coin is an exceptional 99.95% palladium.
 Each coin is Official Legal Tender of Canada.

Beautifully Detailed Designs
The national symbol of Canada, a single maple leaf, proudly adorns the reverse of this beautiful Palladium coin. The obverse bears a sculpture of Queen Elizabeth II.

All coins are newly minted and in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

In the past, the Royal Canadian Mint issued platinum coins but halted minting due to the time-consuming mint process required on such hard coins. For that reason, I feel palladium coin mintages will also be low and they may be minted for only a short time.

A Unique Collector Coin
Adding even one Palladium coin to your collection will add great appeal and diversity.

More About Palladium
To fully appreciate palladiums uniqueness as a precious metal, its important to review a brief history. The price of palladium rose dramatically in the 1970s when palladium was first used in catalytic converters to reduce pollution from automobile exhausts.

Palladium Has Traded for Over $1,075 an ounce
In the 1990s strict emission standards were applied globally which drove the price of palladium to an all-time high of $1,075 per ounce in 2001.

Since then, the supply and demand for palladium has come into balance and the price of this rare, precious metal has adjusted to a fraction of all-time highs.

I feel that the current price of palladium represents an important buying opportunity. However, due to the uniqueness and volatility of the palladium market, no one can estimate the future value of these numismatic treasures minted in pure palladium.

They clearly offer collectors a "Double Win" opportunity in both the coin market and the palladium market.