Sell 200M powerline communication GD9001-CPE and Access Solution

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200M product developed by Gridcom is the third generation of PLC access equipments, a breakthrough in PLC technology field, possessing remarkable incomparable features.
Products leading points:
-Fast: The only 200 PLC products in China, world leading level, fastest data speed globally.
-High stability: It has better solutions for settling signal attenuation, noise disturbance, therefore the network is more steady and unobstructed. Transmission distance reaches 700 meters
- 200Mbps products can regulate the interfering signals from other electric apparatuses automatically, to meet the normal Net surfing demand in electricity peak period.
- The security is high: Brand-new 200Mbps PLC realize data transmission encryption.
- VOIP function: Newly increased VOIP function, enable making IP telephone while surfing the Net which is not influenced
Main features and technical data:
 Signal Dynamic Range: 90dB
 Power Spectrum Density: 50dBm/Hz
 Bandwidth Range: 1MHz-34MHz
 ETH and USB Interface
 3DES Encryption Technology
 6 bandwidth modes
 802.1Q VLAN and OVLAN
 8 QoS
 TDM and FDM Forward Mode
 SNMP and on-line Software upgrading
It support following communication services:
 Broadband access
 In-home LAN network
 Video and audio service
 Video conference
 Information TV
 Network game
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