Sell 202C UF Resin Powder

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Product specialty:
When use 202C pure UF resin powder, users can apply different kind of additives according to the requirement (this should be under technicians guidance)
Suitable for cold pressing and hot pressing project
Has outstanding characters of strong adaptability and flexible construction conditions
Pure UF resin powder could mix with the general kind of hardeners and could reach normal bonding effect
High bonding strength
Convenient for using
Formaldehyde emission could reach International standard
Both cold and hot solidification could reach ideal effect
Similar wood color and do not pollute the wood
Excellent waterproof performance
Convenient for transportation
Application areas:
Suitable for the processing of plywood, particle board, MDF/HDF, multiple plywood, and the other wood production which need to use cold setting technology
Below are mainly applications for reference:
Various kind of artificial boards
Gluing plywood and bentwood
Surface veneer for door and decorative boards
Engineered solid wood flooring
Finger or butt joint of woods
Performance index:
Appearance: white powder
Moisture content: <=1%
Cured period (20˚ C) : depends on the added quantity of hardener
Shearing strength (under pressure after 20hrs) : >15MPa
Shearing strength of waterproof (under water after 24hrs) : >11MPa
Active period after mixture: depends on the added quantity of hardener
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