Sell 20W solar tile

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1. Can be with polycrystalline or monocrystalline silicon cells;

2. Laminated and encapsulate by Oxide aluminum plate+silicon cells+EVA+PET;

3. Except the 20W, here we also could supply 26W of solar tile;

4. All the individual 20W or 26W solar tile is with the relevant holddown grooves on both sides & the relevant fixing screws will be attached with so that they could be easily connected together for larger solar tiles(called as solar array) ;

5. Basing on individual of 20W or/26W of solar tile, the customer could buy more of these solar tiles and connect them into larger solar tiles(solar array) on their side;

6. We could supply the relevant holding frames with the solar tiles but the client will need pay as per the actual order;

7. These solar tiles(solar array) could be directly fixed onto the previous tiles through the provided fixing frames or directly to be your tiles without any other tiles or just one part of your tiles, they are perfect choice on the home power system or home grid-tie power system, At present, we only provide the solar tiles and the other parts of the system need to be sourced on the clients side;

8. During the installation, to gain the best efficiency, here we suggest install onto those roof facing south and the installed solar tiles could be with the relevant inclination(best along with the latitude of the earth) ;

9. Specifications on 20W solar tile:

. Maximum Power: 20W

. Tolerance: +/-5%

. Maximum Power voltage: 4.5V

. Maximum power current: 4.4A

. Open circuit voltage:5.4V

. Short circuit current:6.75A

. Dimension:TAB;

. Number of cells:9

. Weight:TBA;

. Maximum system voltage: 600V

. Temperature coefficient of Pm: -(0.5+/-0.005) %/0C

. Temperature coefficient of Im: +0.1%/0C

. Temperature coefficient of Vm:-0.38%/0C

. Operating Temperature:-400C--800C

. Voltage Standoff : AC2000V, DC3000V

. Wind Bearing: 60m/s(200kg/sq. m)

. Impact Resistance Hail Impact Test :227g steel ball fall down from 1m height