Sell 210Pcs Rotary Tool and Accessory Set

210Pcs Rotary Tool and Accessory Set You May Also Be Interested In: accessory set rotary tool rotary tool accessory steel saw blade tool accessory set
1) 17pcs sanding bands
2) 20pcs sanding bands
3) 5pcs felt wheels
4) 1pc felt wheel pointed
5) 1pc cloth wheel
6) 1pc rubber emery wheel
7) 1pc flap wheel
8) 30pcs sanding paper in plastic container
9) 30pcs cut-off wheels, heavy duty
10) 36pcs cut-off wheels, regular
11) 1pc polish compound
12) 10pcs grinding wheels with shank
13) 9pcs brushes
14) 12pcs grinding wheels
15) 5pcs fiberglass cut-off wheels
16) 1pc stainless steel saw blade
17) 1pc dressing stone
18) 1pc wrench
19) 4pcs collets
20) 4pcs mandrels for wheel
21) 6pcs HSS twist drills
22) 4pcs felt wheels with shank
23) 2pcs sanding shanks
24) 7pcs diamond cutters
25) 1pc electric rotary tool
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