Sell 24V Deluxe Multi-functional Massage Chair

24V Deluxe Multi-functional Massage Chair You May Also Be Interested In: buttock safety working
1. Unique R-shape designation reflects an innovative
and chicly design ideal
2. Advanced automatic body sensing function can set up an
overall automatic massage programs
3. Fashionable mp3 interactive music player. Vibration and
tapping strength is variable to the music rhythm.
4.24V low safety working voltage focuses your attention on
the massage enjoyment
5. Heaters on waist and sole parts help to prevent
rheumatism effectively
6. High power motors on buttock is used to massage perineum
points to relieve fatigue and improve sex capability
7. Junoesque LCD and humanistic designation provides
thoughtful and comfortable operating method
8. Newly six wheels core parts provides you with noiseless
and cosy massage
9. Calves and feet double-layers airbags massage
10. Pyramidic airbags massage on buttock and both sides of
thigh parts