Sell 250 Watt Sea Scooter

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Model SS001U

24Volts 300 Watt, dual speed
Speed of up to 7.5km
Rated up to 30 meters
8.5kg including battery
Run time up to 1 hour with normal use
Improved safety features: water protection, low battery voltage protection, over current protection, high temperature protection, safety lock and auto shut off function
Carry bag, pump, lubricant included

Waterproof protection: in case of water coming into the sea scooter, it warns and protect the control system that the controller and motor wouldn't been burned out because of short circuit.
Electric motor overheats protection: prevent the motor from heating quickly in case the motor stopping so guarantee the using life.
Low voltage protection: when the battery voltage is not enough, it warns. Then you can charge the battery in time.