Sell 26 AC 540X Pipe, Stick

26   AC 540X     Pipe, Stick You May Also Be Interested In: electric wire cable mica pipe rubber pipe
Pipe and stick products include:
AC 5401 PTFE Stick
AC 5402 PTFE Pipe
AC 5403 Mica Pipe
AC 5404 Fibreglass Sleeving
AC 5405 Nylon Pipe
AC 5406 Viton Pipe
AC 5407 Silicone Rubber Pipe

Pipe and stick products made of PTFE, mica, e-glass fibre, nylon, viton rubber and silicon rubber. They has good corrosion resistance, dielectric property, insulation, inadhesion, radio tolerance, sever temperature resistance, oil proof, and wildly used as seal pad for electric equipment, motor, stove, electric wire, cable, etc.

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