Sell 280W solar panel

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PV products have been widely used in industry, agriculture, building and communication,
transport and power plants. They provide clean, free and renewable energy. And their
extensive applications play an important role in modifying energy consumption structure,
improving and protect ecological environment. We are convinced that solar power
will eventually solve many present energy problems.

1. PV products in Landscape
PV products could be used in the landscape as lighting systems without cables and manual control,
they are convenient, clean and elegant.
Optimal Choice: 20W-100W Solar Modules.

2. PV modules in Remote Areas
PV products could solve the power shortage for remote areas, and improve the people lives,
education and medical conditions through converting the solar energy to electric energy.
Optimal Choice: 100W-150W Solar Modules.

3. PV Roof System
PV solar modules installed on the roof could satisfy household electricity demands or sell the
superfluous electricity to the State Grid, it creates a green and energy-saving residential environment.
The Mono 160W-190W modules are light and small in volumes which apply to use on the roof.
Optimal Choice: 160W-190W Solar Modules

4. PV Power Plants
In the sunny areas, 190W-220W Solar Modules which with a big volume and high output power apply
to build power plants in wide area.
Optimal Choice: 190W-220W Solar Modules

5. PV modules in Hot Areas
In the hot areas, the Poly-crystalline silicon solar modules could be adopted to get more stable and high light-to-electricity transferability
Optimal Choice: Poly-crystalline Silicon Solar Modules