Sell 29 AX 710X Sealant

29   AX 710X  Sealant You May Also Be Interested In: door frames plumbing fixtures
Sealant includes:
AS 7101 High strength silicone fluid sealant
AS 7102 Oil-resistant Sealant
AS 7103 Silicone Sealant
AS 7104 Sealant tolerant to extreme low temperature
AS 7105 Epoxy Resin Sealant
AS 7106 Insulated Sealant
AS 7107 Nonflowing cementation sealant
AS 7108 Acrylate Sealant
AS 7109 Thread Sealing Adhesives

Silicone sealant is a single component, low modulus, acetic cure and high performance silicone sealant. It won't shrink and crack and withstands harsh temperature and aging. It is ideal for window and door frames and siding and plumbing fixtures.

Other kinds of sealants are available.

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