Sell 2D video measurement machine

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Contral software: Rescan
Enlarging ratio: Optical enlarging 20 times
Resolution: 0. 001mm
Projecting accuracy: 0. 02mm

Die manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, vehicle, motorcycle,
Electric communication
Medical engineering, skeletal simulation, tooth, dental pad, medical
Apparatus and instruments
Toy, shoes, dermatoglyph, golf, soft parts, bas-relief

Two kinds: Mechanical type and Optical type
Measuring range for shaft: 0--400mm
Measuring range for radius: 0--200mm
Repeatability: 10. 003mm
Display resolution: 0. 004mm
Taper: 7: 24

Many kinds (EV2515, EV3020, EV4030, EV6050) & many operation manners (manual, NC, CNC) 2515, 3020, 4030, 3020NC, 4030CNC, 6050CNC
(X/Y) travel (mm) : 250*150mm 300*200mm 400*300mm 300*200mm 400*300mm 600*500mm
Resolution: 0. 001mm.
X/Y/Z axis accuracy: (3+L/200) 5m
Repeatability: 25m.
Load bearing: 30Kg
Vision system: Easson high resolution CCD lens (1/2" SONY CCD Senor & special DSP) .
Lens: Tele-centric
Enlargement ratio: Optical 0. 7*-4. 5*, vision 20*-125*
Working mode: Manual and Auto
Computer configuration: C4 2. 4G (minimum)

All Easson vision measurement machines are compatible with RENISHAW high accuracy touch trigger problem to measure parts in Z-axis or carry out simple 3-demension measurement.

The machine, equipped with the color CCD vision enlarging system, displays the part in different color/material on a computer screen. The machine worktable can be placed on a high precision datum marble platform to achieve high geometric accuracy and measurement accuracy. . .

SPC statistic analysis software is a standard configuration for all Easson Vision Measurement Machines to allow customers to analyze the measurement results in order to find the error trend in the production flow and have a chance to find problems in the production process on time to make a correction. Easson Vision Measurement software can output results in image file DXF to the popular CAD software, eg, AutoCAD, MasterCAM etc to facility customers to copy the results.
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