Sell 2GM Single-absorb Twin Screw Pump

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This product is a small external bearing type single-suction double screw pump, flux range 0.9-60m3/h, pressure 0.4-3MPa, without heating chamber or safety valve attached with. The bearing bore and pump bore are separated by mechanical seal and skeleton oil seal. The leak-proof quality is good. It possesses the features go small volume, with application, ease in maintenance and wash.


Using field
Oil industry: Transfer pump for various lubricating oil, crude oil, residual oil, heavy oil, pitch, diesel oil, gasoline etc.

Ship building: Transfer pump for various light or heavy fuel oil, waster oil, dirty oil and sludge, oily sludge in cabin bottom, also as pressure boost pump and ballast pump.

Chemical industry: Transfer various acid, alkali and salt solution, resin, glycerin paraffin wax, and cosmetics emulsion, also as bottle filling pump.

Paint industry: Deliver printing ink, color, various paint and coating.

Food industry: Deliver alcohol, beverage, honey, sugar juice, tooth paste, milk, cream, soy sauce, animal oil, vegetable oil, chocolate and medium with high viscosity.

Save and transfer industry: Loading and unloading oil goods for oil pool and tanker.
Condition of Goods
Power Requirements
110 or 240 volts, 50/60 hz
Terms of Payment
L/C at sight
Terms of Sale
CIF Shanghai
Warranty Coverage
1 year