Sell 2kw Vertical Axes Wind Turbine

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2KW VAWT is a perfect combination of lift force type & resistance force type Vertical Axes Wind Turbine:
1. The C type design makes it easy to cleave the wind--the wind resistance is small;
2. Have 7 blades, the VAWT can catch much more wind power when start up, the cut in wind speed is low;
3. The C model & cambered blade design, the VAWT can get a lift force, which makes it lighter & lighter when running;
4. With the Zero-Motor (Magnetoelectric Machine) , the VAWT can easy run up to the power rating;
5. When in fresh gale, the mechanical brake & or the Magnetic brake will protect the system
6. More, the VAWT works quiet, & can be installed even on the top of the house.
7. CE approved .

The 2KW VAWT is mainly composed of Generator, Blade Assembly, Hub, Controller, Dump loader, Inverter, Tower, Tower base, Cable , Accessories

Main Parameter:
Numbers of blade: 7
Materials of blade: FRP strengthened
Mill diameter: 250 cm
Blade length: 165cm
Startup wind speed: 2.5m/s
Rating wind speed: 9m/s
Working wind speed: 3-25 m/s
Safe wind speed: 50 m/s
Rated rotate speed: 50 r/min
Rating power: 2000 w
Max. output power: 2500 w
Rating out put: DC 48 V /DC96V
Governed speed style: Electromagnetic brake+yawing
Tower Height: 8 m
Generator weight: 252Kg
Wind energy ratio(%) : 0.41
Power generation of years(kwh) : 2000/6000
Inverter power supply: Full Sine Wave
Supply Controller type: On-grid /Off-grid
Supply Inverter type: On-grid /Off-grid
Battery: 12v200AH X4pcs