Sell 3,000-36,000BPH Hot Filling and Packing Line

3,000-36,000BPH Hot Filling and Packing Line You May Also Be Interested In: plastic chain recycling system rinser filler capper sport drinks tea juice
RCGF series Rinser&Filler&Capper monobloc machine fits for filling tea, juice, sport drinks, etc and fulfilling the process of rinsing, hot filling and sealing.
1. Adopting the filling tank and the gravity filling it is convenient for CIP cleaning system. Adopting special and new type of filling valves, recycling system, with no gas back to the filling tank, which ensures the beverage clean and sterile.
2. The screw-cleaning device before capping ensures the thorough hygiene of the screws.
3. Magnetic and annular capping with adjustable and even torque.
4. The cap sterilizer is made of advanced stainless chaini and heat-resistant plastic chain. it is to overturn the bottles for 96 degrees or 110 degrees during the transportation, then use the high temperature of the liquid itself after hot filling to sterilize the cap. The sterilizing time varies from 30 to 40 seconds.
5. The bottle cooler is made of stainless steel. it completes the process of the heat preservation, sterilization and cooling so as to make the hot filled & sealed bottles (PET or glass) reach the required temperature in the rated time. Meanwhile, it removes the dirt objects sticking out of the bottles ot facilitate the next procedure.