Sell 3,000-36,000BPH PET Filling and Packing Line for Carbonated Beverages

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This machine is developed based on the advanced technology abroad, with good appearance, comprehensive functions as well as wide applications. The machine is suitable for rinsing & filling & capping carbonated or non-carbonated beverage into the PET bottles.
1. Combining rinsing, filling and capping function into a whole body, the machine is controlled by PLC and frequency converter, easy in operation and maintenance as well as advanced in technology in China.
2. It is full automatic from bottle feed-in, gripping, turnover and inside spraying, until drying.
3. In the filling system, the PET bottle is clipped at the neck, pre-covered and centered to ensure the precise sealing between the bottle mouth and the filling valve. The filing level is accurate with little loss. The springs and sealing components in the filling valves are imported ones.
4. The liquid level in the filling chamber is controlled continuously by the ball floating. The liquid level is detected and controls the openness of the inlet valve (centrifugal rotary adjusting valve) to ensure the constant level in the filling chamber. And the level value is settable.
5. The caps are screwed under the force of the high-energy permanent- magnet. The screwing torque is adjustable to suit many kinds of the plastic caps.
6. The centralized or automatic oiling system, and the full-open protection design makes the operation and maintenance very easy.