Sell 3,000-36,000BPH PET for Beer Filling and Packing Line

3,000-36,000BPH PET for Beer Filling and Packing Line You May Also Be Interested In: cip system rinser filler capper
In order to meet the demand from home and abroad, we successfully developed beer PET/PEN rinsing, filling and capping monobloc which is running well at the users factories, leading a new trend for PET/PEN beer filling industry.

PCGN series of rinser/filler/capper monobloc combines the rinsing machine, filling machine and capping machine as a whole for making the PET bottled beer.
1. The machine is designed and manufactured under the advanced and mature technology, with compact structure and reliable performance.
2. The unique filling process especially applicable for beer PET bottling, thus ensure the quality of the beer.
3. All the parts contacting the product are made of high-quality stainless steel. The polished inner and outer surface are easy cleanable and conforms to sanitary regulations.
4. The rotary-rinsing system for bottles realizes the full automatic performance from bottle feed-in, gripping, turnover, rinsing, drying and bottle discharging.
5. The bottle neck is clipped and pre-covered to ensure the centering and sealing in the process of filling under equivalent pressure to achieve accurate filling level.
6. The high-energy permanent magnet drives the screwing force for capping. The screwing force is adjustable for different kinds of plastic caps.
7. The centralized or automatic oil lubrication system, and the full-open protection design makes the operation and maintenance very easy.
8. The whole machine speed is adjusted by frequency converter under the control of PLC, reliable in running and easy in operation.
9. The advanced CIP system can perform effective cleaning and sterilizing all the containers and pipelines.