Sell 3-D NC plate bending machines

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The manufacturing of curved section is a critical process with high difficulty in shipbuilding. It has realized numerical control over cold bending of section steel of curved section, but the outside plating of curved section is still processed by manual in almost all shipyards no matter at home or abroad. Because of its low productivity, poor working conditions, high labor intensity and the product quality that cannot be guaranteed and etc. , the processing of outside plating becomes the bottleneck for shipbuilding. So, to realize the automatic processing of outside plating is the key point in improving the curved section manufacturing technique.

The processing of outside plating is to make plastic deformation, and the plating will rebound during bending process and become buckled and deformed easily, so the automatic forming is especially difficult. On the basis of long-term researches, discussions and trials, with the adoption of the patent of Square Plating Intender Adjustable & Flexible Mold and Plate Surface Modeling Device, using which any curved surface can be formed, the surface pressed together is larger, the buckle and deformation caused by the instability of plate being pressed can be prevented and etc. , after many experiments, calculation and design, we have researched and developed the numerical control plate blending machine for ship, including cold bending machine, automatic control system, 3-D laser measuring machine and charging device.

Numerical control plate bending machine for ship shall be the first automatic large shipbuilding equipment made in China. Based on the mathematical lofting data, this machine uses the special calculation and control software to make plate formation processing automatically; with learning and intelligence functions, its system can detect, calculate and control automatically in real time; the graphic is displayed on the control panel, so the user panel becomes richer to make the operation more convenient and visualized. Since the numerical control plate bending machine for ship can process the outside plating automatically, it will reduce the shipbuilding cycle, improve the shipbuilding quality and working conditions, reduce the labor intensity and improve the productivity 10 times than before, which is helpful to develop the numerical control shipbuilding technique and improve the shipbuilding competitiveness.