Sell 3-Phase Enclosed Distribution Transformer

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General introduction: S11-M. R 3-phase enclosed distribution transformer with wound-core is applicable for 10kV, 6kV transmission and distribution systems for distribution, power supply and lighting in industrial, agricultural, mineral and petrochemical fields. Compared with series S9, 30% of no-load loss and 70% of no-load current can be decreased averagely. It is remarkable in saving energy. In addition, its noise level is in conformity with national environmental protection policy. Therefore, it is regarded as a wonderful product both in energy saving and environmental protection.

Normal service condition:
1) Elevation height: less than 1,000m
2) Environmental temperature:
a) Max. temperature: +40oC
b) Max. daily average temperature: +30oC
c) Max. annual average temperature: +20oC
d) Min. temperature: -30oC
3) Operation environment: outdoor
4) Symmetry of multi-phase power source

1) Core is wound by silicon strip with lower loss
2) Enclosed structure is also called as R-shaped core
3) Core limb and yoke cross-section is close to a circle
4) Impact, lower no-load loss and smaller current
5) Due to fully enclosed transformer, isolation between oil and air keeps insulation
away from moisture, which lowers insulation aging and improves service life
6) The product is free from un-tanking before operation and is free of maintenance
during operation
7) Owing to the corrugated plate used for cooling for S11-M. R. series, oil volume is
changed by adjustment and compensation through expansion and shrinkage of
corrugated plate when the temperature of oil is changed

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