Sell 3-channel Holter ECG with colorful LCD display

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Analyzing software Features
1. Multi-windows operation
2. 46 different types Arrhythmia analysis
3. DEMIX morphologies
4. Check sinus node recovery time
5. Check parasystole
6. Check accelerate escape rhythm
7. Check reciprocal beat
8. T wave alterans
9. Heart rate variability
10. HRT (Heart rate turbulence)
11. Sleep Apnea analysis
12. Intellectual analysis of various tachycardia
13. Display start and end point of arrhythmia on same screen
14. Beat to beat analysis, no missing beats
15. 26 types Histogram analysis
16. Pacemaker analysis can label 7 types shapes
17. ST-T analysis

Recorder Features
*. 1.77 inch color LCD, displays three leads ECG for each screen
*. High resolution make it is convenient to observe P or Q wave and other micro-signal. LCD screen display ECG grid to facilitate physician to watch ECG waves, count HR and other parameter
*. Skin resistance measurement can evaluate the connection between electrode and patient skin
*. Can freeze the ECG strip in the screen to observe it in detail
*. Battery estimate in case of non-record by low power
*. Holter information browser to display the start time and duration of current recording
*. Speed: 25mm/s, gain: 5mm/mV for LCD screen display
*. No operation within two minutes, the screen will be auto-off to save power. And button can be locked automatically in case of misoperation
*. Event button can make mark for symptom
*. The cable socket is mis-plug and break-off proof design.

Recorder specification
A) Holter Recorder Power: DC 3.0V;
B) Recording time: 24 Hours;
C) Recording mode: Continuous;
D) Sample rate: 4000Hz;
E) Standard sensitivity: 10mm/mV (-5%, +5%) ;
F) Input circuit current: <=0.15A;
G) Input impedance: >=2.5 M? ;
H) Noise electric level: <=155Vp-p;
I) Frequency response: 0.05 -150 Hz;
J) CMRR: >=60 dB;
K) Lower frequency feature: Time constant is not Less than 3.2s;
L) Equipment safety type: The Holter Recorder is Type-BF with internal power;
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21x14x7 cm
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5 days
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2 years