Sell 3 in 1 Micro-dermabrasion Machine

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3 in 1 Micro-dermabrasion


Microdermabrasion exfoliate the top layer of the skin by using genuine diamond crystal at the tip to gently sand the skin while simultaneously sloughing off the dead skin cells in a sterile and controlled manner. Unlike the traditional microdermabrasion, Diamond Head does not use loose crystals or other abrasives that may cause irritation and skin reaction. Rather, this innovative device offers hypoallergenic treatment for each area of your skin. After just one treatment you will already begin to experience softer, smoother, cleaner skin.

When used regularly, this system works wonderfully on all skin types can be used on the face, neck, decollate or the entire body for a youthful, polished appearance. You will notice immediate visible results.

Cold & Hot Hammer designed and produced by latest high technology, which accompanied with hairdressing arising in 2000. It is produced on the basis of medical mechanism thus to be reliable and safe. With its functions as cooling, skin-lift, cell-rejuvenation, blood circulation, pain relief, etc. , air vibrating can excrete body rubbish and fat. The frequency of 1 million times per second leads to whiten, soft and smooth skin and the slimmer stature.

Cold & Hot Hammer gains recognition of most professionals and it is an available tool for beauticians.

Accompany with ultrasonic development, the instrument has perfect effect on cooling cure, inflammation relief, wrinkles smoothing and skin tugging.

Professional ultrasonic can rejuvenate deep cells and effectively remove excessive fat with no rebound. .

Deep cells rejuvenation: Increase the activity of cells and promote blood circulation; relax tired muscles and relieve inflammation; special micro massage can sweep body toxin in slimier treatment. Vibration by 1 million times per second can swiftly cleanse the pore, penetrate the nutrition deep inside skin; resolve the melanin, and remove acne which is impossible by hand.

Technical Standard:
Voltage: 110V/220V
Hz: 50/60Hz

Packaging Details:
Size: 47x38x20CM
Gross Weight: 8KG