Sell 3-layer co-extrusion casing film line

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multi-layer co-extrusion casting film production line, high speed and professional, active and multi-application. The most optimized production line configuration is suitable to many kinds of raw material: PE, PP, PA, EVOH, EVA, etc.
design for following application:
a) CPP, CPE casting film
b) High obstruction film containing EVOA and PA, usually used in food paking
c) On line single-direction stretch film
d) LLDPE, LDPE and EVA film, felted film, fresh-keeping film

Type: SDLZ-80-120-80-3000
3-layer co-extrusion structure: A/B/C
product width:2700mm
product thickness:0.02-0.20mm
Max. line speed of the machine: 180m/min
Max winding diameter: 800mm
Max. extrusion output: 600kg/h
Shape size: 25000*10000*5500mm