Sell 3-methyl-2-penten-4-yn-1-ol (CAS. #:6153-05-5; CAS. :6153-06-6)

3-methyl-2-penten-4-yn-1-ol (CAS. #:6153-05-5; CAS. :6153-06-6) You May Also Be Interested In: iron barrel
Product Category: Pharmaceutical intermediate
Chemical name: 3-methyl-2-penten-4-yn-l-ol
Molecular formula: C6H8O
Molecular weight: 96.03
CAS. :6153-05-5; CAS. :6153-06-6
Physicochemical Property: Colorless to pale yellow liquid
Specification: 95.0%
Usage: Major material for manufacturing Vitamin A Acetate and many aromatics
Package: 200 kg weight, iron barrel or plastic barrel, each,18010.2kg products in it
Storage & transportation: Store in light-free, dry and cool conditions to prevent from heat and wet