Sell 3-times pre-vacuum sterilizer(B)

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Color film can be randomly selected ( zhihong Juhong Zilan )

Technical parameters:

Voltage Power Tank capacity inside dimensions Outside dimensions Weight
220V50Hz 1800W 23 liters 245*465 750*510*570mm 62kg

1. Unifies the European B level standard, Has 3 times of pulsation types initial vacuum dry function, The vacuum degree mayreach-0.80bar, Is suitable is antiseptic in the clinic each kind of instrument disinfection, the instruments surplus humidity <0.1%, and the success solved the sterilizer not to be able to disinfect the plastic instrument difficult problem;

2. Entire computers controls, The pressure, the temperature digitization demonstraiton, enables you to operate handily;

3. Jet types steam generator, causes in the pot the temperature to be evener, disinfection deeper level.

4. Pots bodies by 2.5mm stainless steel disposable stretch;

5. Waste water tanks full water alarm sysytem, Finished has let the waste water circulation disinfection the possibility, Causes thedisinfection to have the significance;

6. Automatic failure detections report to the opilce, Enable you to grasp the loom as necessary dynamically;

7. Humanity bottom of the opt freeing port designs can dryly cause to be more convenient;

8. Entire simulated self-made contours, Let it be brighter, Has the attraction;

9. The high clear data printing, enable the antiseptic effect to arrive.

eight program

Program Temperature ( 0) Pressure (Bar) Time Pre-Vacuum Times Total Time (Min) Material
Porous1340 134 2.1 4 3 28~36 Wrapped hollow
instrument, porous
Hollow1340 134 2.1 4 3 28~36 Unwrapped hollow
Wrapped1340 134 2.1 4 3 26~32 Wrapped solid
Solid1340 134 2.1 4 3 22~25 Unwrapped solid
prion1340 134 2.1 18 3 40~48 Wrapped hollow
instrument, porous
Porous1210 121 1.1 20 3 42~48 Wrapped hollow
instrument, porous
Hollow1210 121 1.1 20 3 40~45 Unwrapped hollow
Wrapped solid
Solid1210 121 1.1 20 3 36~37 Unwrapped solid