Sell 3.0V Li-MnO2 battery

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Main Features:
1. High specific energy of our 3.0V Li-MnO2 battery (275wh/kg or 550wh/l)
2. Open-circuit voltage (3.0V) , opening voltage (2.8V-3.2V) .
3. Temperature range. (--40C0-- +850)
4. Stable performance, long storage (usually over 10 years) , stable discharge, no voltage lag, low self-discharge, high current discharge.
5. More safety, credibility, no pollution
Main Application:
Utility meters-AMR (water/electronic/gas meters) , Date logger, Alarm and security devices, Automatic electronics, Wireless sensors, Tracking systems, Memory back-up, Military Radio Stations, Medical Equipment, Communication Equipment
Available models:
Type: CR123A CR-P2 CR2 2CR5 CR17450 CR18505 CR26500 CR34615 CR14250 CR14335 CR14505 CR17505