Sell 3.0V Lithium Photo Battery CR123A CR17335

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3.0V Lithium Photo Battery CR123A CR17335
Greatpower CR123A Lithium battery 3.0V Equivalent to Toshiba CR17335
Business nature: Direct manufacturer for lithium battery
Market: US, Europe, Japan

Product: Primary Lithium Battery (Lithium Manganese Dioxide Battery, Li-MnO2 )
Model No. CR123A/CR17335
Voltage of CR123A/CR17335: 3V
Capacity of CR123A/CR17335: 1300mAh
Dimension of CR123A/CR17335: 17 x 35 mm
Weight of CR123A/CR17335: 16g
Operating Temperature of CR123A/CR17335: - 40 ~ + 60 Celsius
Max. Discharge Continuous Current: 500mA
Max. Discharge Pulse Current: 1500mA
The application of CR123A/CR17335: Digital Camera.

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Equivalent Models for CR123A/CR17335:
Toshiba: CR17335

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