Sell 3.5" Hard Disk Driver Case-IDE

3.5" Hard Disk Driver Case-IDE You May Also Be Interested In: 3.5 hard disk disk case hard disk case ide ultra ata ultra ata 66
HDD case series:

2.5" HDD box - IDE
2.5" HDD box - SATA
3.5" HDD box - IDE
3.5" HDD box - SATA
5.25" HDD box- IDE

Computer cable series including:

USB to serial cable
USB to 2 PS2 cable

UAMMB5P, USB AM-mini to 5 pin 1.5m
UAMMB4P, USB AM-mini to 4 pin 1.5m
VGA cable 15m/15m
USB to parallel cable
AK-3366, flat IDE ultra ATA 66/100

Cable db25m/cn36m 1.8m
Cable db25m/cn36m 3m
Cable db25m/cn36m 5m

USB 2.0 A/B 1.5m
USB cable A (M) -A(H) 1.5m

Inner packing:
Color box