Sell 3.5"Hdd Player W/Cardreader (Support CF/MS/SM/SD/MMC Card Reader )

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Function Introduction:

!$ Removable Hard Disk Function (C USB2.0 Interface, WINDOW Management Suitable for Student, Family Entertainment, Advertisement, Commerce demostrate and Office Use.
!$ Capacity video frequency Formats (C MPEG1-4#,AVI#,WMV6.0, MPG!"DAT, DVD, VCD, SVCD , etc.
!$ Capacity audio frequency Formats (CMP3#,WMA;
!$ Capacity image Formats (C JPEG#,BMP#,TIFF;
!$ Edit Function (C Edit, Copy, Rename, Delete, etc.
!$ Huge Capability (C Can capacity both 2.5inch and 3.5 inch HDD, CF, CD, MMC, MS card playback function;
Support FAT32, NTFS formats, the largest storage capacity could reach 500GB
Single power source DC+12V input, also can use for car, laptop;
When formatting HDD, max support four partition is allowed (The former three partitions requires each partition storage memory should be 20GB, the fourth partition can capacity the rest storage memory of the HDD) ;
Support MPEG1-2, MPEG4, it is optional audio signal between AC-3 analog and digital;
!$ Capacity (C Optional 20G/40G/80G HD (C A 40G Hard Disk are capable for 20,000 MP3 Files or 70 MP4 Movies.
!$ Inside OTG (on (Cthe go) (C Without hard disk also Can playback what in SD/MMC card directly. SD/MMC card and hard disk can copy each other.
!$ Outside OTG and (on (Cthe go) (C Can copy files from hard disk to USB external U disk or MP3; Can copy what in SD/MMC card into Hard Disk; Can copy what in USB external U disk or MP3 into SD/MMC card.
!$ Outside Host Function (C Can playback directly what in USB external SD/MMC card , and playback photos directly.
!$ Can playback 12 formats photos and pictures (C Such as whole screen, up to down, down to up, up/down to center, center to up/down, up & down delamination, left to right, right to left, left & right to center, center to left & right, left & right delamination, circumambience to center dwindle!-
Compatible (C SD and MMC Compatible, able to read Folders in SD/MMC Directly without Operating the HD, Files in SD/MMC can be copied.
!$ Playback Function (C 12 pictures playback transition effect, Multi Function Remote Control for Convenience use.
!$ Output Function (C CVBS and VGA Output, able to connect to TV or Monitor PAL/NTSC/AUTO, Stereo Audio.
!$ Compatible Languages (C English, Chinese (PRC) , Traditional Chinese, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.
!$ Independent Impolde a new function: Automatic scan sound track function, and also can choose remote control operate this function;
Independent Impolde a new function: Only need to push a key and can operation choose pictures, music, music video, files and movies in different sections of HDD & card;
Independent Impolde a new function: Only need to push a copy key and can do the copy from card to HDD, and when plug card it also playback directly at the same time;
DIVX format files can do automatic scan captions of the same name in the same catalog, also can do it by remote control and choose;
DC-DC power source lower voltage design: Independent Impolde and design HDD working at lower centigrade, continues playback many hours the HDD centigrade wont be reached 45 centigrade, reality make the HDD working in lower centigrade.
Inter connection:

Computer (C

!$ Connect with your HDD Player to your Computer using the USB2.0 output cable (cable provided) ; your HDD Player will become your External Hard Disk that will be managed by your computer Window Software.
!$ Capable of Downloading Files from Internet or from your Computer.
!$ When connected to your Computer , Do not connect your HDD to 5.5VDC Power Supply
!$ To Operate your HDD the First Time Press FAT32 to Systemized Format.


!$ Connect your HDD Player to your Television (TV) using AV Cable; your TV will become a full of AV Entertainment System.

Computer Monitor (C

!$ Connect your HDD Player to your Monitor using AV Cable to your Monitor input, and Audio output to your computer Multimedia Speaker System.

Practicality -

!$ HDD Player can be act as your Mobile Hard Disk that Back-up your Important Files.
!$ Advertisement Play; Automatically Circulate your Feature File/short Film/Advertisement.
!$ Convenience Play Movie or Advertisement in your Vehicle with 2.5!/ 40G HD can replace a Multiple-Disk CD Changer of 10 Disk or etc.
!$ HDD Player not only act as Movie Player but also good for Office use, Studying, copying, entertainment is a ALL-IN-ONE SYSTEM.
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