Sell 30 Minute Ideal Battery Charger

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This is the fastest&smallest charger capable of charging aa and aaa ni-mh batteries in less than 30minutes.
Intelligent delta v cut-off, delta t auto-off, built-in safety timer controlled with an advanced dynamic counting system, all which ends charging the moment a battery reaches full charge.
1. intelligent MCU controlled, switch to trickle charge mode automatically.
2. high charging efficiency:more than 85%, also with cooling fan.
3. it can individually monitor battery condition&battery temperature dynamically, prolong the battery service life.
4. special design, detect&rescue over-discharged battery automatically when the charger is power on.
5. using optimizing control circuit to realize full function of over-charging protection:-delta V/0 deltaV cut-off, over-voltage, over-heat, and safety timer controlled.
6. four(4) independent channels with individual LED charging indicator. it is link having four chargers. it can charge 1,2,3, or 4 cells of different types per time. AA and AAA mixed type can be charged at the same time.
7. with the memory function, you can take out your batteries at any time very safely.
8. world wide voltage input AC 100v~240v, suitable for almost any country.
the sharp of plug varies depending time.
9. charge anywehere in home, car, boot, RV or any 12v power source
10. compact, fashion and weight.

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