Sell 300GPD Tankless RO System

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1. Tankless RO system stages:
A) First stage: 10 inches PPF 5um
B) Second stage: 10 inches GAC 85C
C) Third stage: 10 inches PPF 1um (CTO)
D) Fourth stage: RO membrane
2. Pure water ratio: 2: 1
3. Water and energy saved
4. Colorful indicators to show working states
5. Auto alarm system (option)
6. RO membrane's lifespan is more than twice than traditional 50GPD water purifier
7. Compact appearance
8. Voltage: 110 to 220V
9. Frequency: 50/60Hz
10. Feed water pressure: <=72.5psi (0.5MPa)
11. Membrane: FS-TFC-2812-300G
12. Booster pump: SML-8816, 70psi/0.65GPM
13. Transformer: 24 to 220V/1.7A
14. Feed water temperature: 5 to 40 Centigrade
15. Size: 420 x 225 x 550mm
ISO 9001
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