Sell 300w Wind Solar Hybrid Street Lamp/Light Power System

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Product Description
Wind & solar hybrid street light overcomes the shortage of solar power and wind power complementary.
Wind&solar hybrid street light systems advantages:
1) Totally generate electricity by natural resource which is very environmentally friendly and reducing the discharge of harmful gas.
2) All systems are independent, single system will not affect others
3) Not influenced by commercial power even commercial power destroyed
4) Simple construction with short period
5) Transformers and manostat are not needed
6) No electricity fee expense
7) Beautify the environment

Model Item Property index
Wind Solar Hybrid street Lamp Solar panel 60W W2 monocrystalline silicon
Material of Tower Steel, galvanize, spray plastic coating
Height of Tower 8m
Lamp-house configuration LED40W
Operate time 10 hours
Configuration in rainy day Can be used continuously for 4days
Control mode Time control
Operating Voltage 24V
Wind power generator 300W
Colloid storage battery 80AHW2
Foundation and others
Model Parameters Remarks
300w wind turbine Power 300W
Rotor Diameter 1.2m
Length of Blade 1.4m
Material of Blades Fiberglass-reinforced Plastic
Number of Blades 5
Rated Speed 180r/min
Rated Wind Speed 8-10m/s
Start Speed 2.2m/s
Rated Wind Speed Range 2.2-24m/s
Safe Wind Speed 50m/s
Rated Power 300W
Output Voltage AC24V