Sell 350 W High Power Fiber Laser Module

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The aeroLASE-350 is a high-power fiber laser module, enabling you to make your own fiber laser without being an expert in optical fibers. The module contains a completely monolithic fiber laser cavity including pump interface and delivery cables.
The module is available in a ready-to-use stand-alone unit and as an OEM unit. For the stand-alone unit, all you have to do is add commercially available pump diodes and drivers. The OEM version is available in a stripped-down configuration allowing you to make use of your own in-house mechanical- / thermal handling skills. The aeroLASE-350 is designed for industrial use and is the most robust and reliable system of its kind. The maximum output power rating is 350 W but the module is designed with considerable power headroom to ensure reliable operation for thousands of hours. We have stress tested the configuration beyond 500 W while still maintaining beam quality and high efficiency.