Sell 3528 RGB SMD LED strip light

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Product Name: 3528 SMD Flexible Strip

Led : 3528 SMD

Colour: R. Y. B. G. W RGB (One Chip for RGB and Three chips for R/G/B)

Led Qty:60pcs for R. Y. B. G. W RGB. 60*3pcs for R/G/B

Dimension: 100CM*W1CM


View Angle:120

1) . Architectural decorative lighting
2) . Indoor Decoration
3) . Auditorium walkway lighting
4) . Stairway lighting & Decoration
5) . Border/contour lighting
6) . Channel letter lighting
7) . Emergency & Security lighting
8) . Cove lighting
9) . Shop-window decoration.

Waterproof is available, it is the PVC Tube.

5M for one roll.