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360 Spin Mop is a breakthrough home cleaning system guaranteed to cut your cleaning time in half! 360 Spin Mop has over 8,000 strands individually banded for strength, durability and absorbency plus it's reusable and machine washable. 360 Spin Mop bands create a powerful gravity defying suction that literally inhales the mess off the floor and into the mop head. The unique locking bands trap the liquid and prevent it from leaking! Great for any type of floor, it spins 360 degrees, like a street sweeper cleaning the curbs, pulling the mess to the inside of the mop so you're not just pulling and pushing the dirt around.
YIJIALE 360 degree Spin Mop rotates 360 degree and locks in moisture! The ultimate in hard-floor clean-up has arrived with this simple two-part unit: a rotating mop featuring the absorbing power of 8000 strands, and a wring-out bucket that does the work for you, spinning over 6800 RPM to extract the mop's liquid. No disposable pads and no hand wringing required! The mess never drips or leaks, while the bucket spinner operates with a foot pedal - just pour out the dirty water. Machine washable, so mop stays fresh and clean.
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