Sell 380V/440V 15KW~400KW soft starter

380V/440V 15KW~400KW soft starter You May Also Be Interested In: human machine interface soft starter squirrel cage start button thyristor
Technology Index:
1. Control Voltage: AC 220V120%, >=60W, 50/60 Hz.
2. Power Voltage: AC 220V/380V/440V/660V, 50/60 Hz
3. Matched motor: three phase squirrel-cage asynchronous motor, and the rate power of motor in step with the rate power of soft starter
4. Reset frequency: less than 6 times per hour
5. Cooling way: natural wind cooling
6. Environment temperature: -150C~400C.
7. Environment Humidity: relative humidity should be less than 93% without agglomeration
8. Applicable location: the indoor will be in the condition without erosion gas and conductivity dust. Indoor room with adequate ventilation, shake less than 0.5g .
9. Altitude height: less than 2000 meters . If higher than 2000 meter, it need used by reduce one grade type, if higher than 6000 meter, it only can be use in 440V or below.
10. Protection grade: IP20
11. Human machine interface: display the programmed menu, and alternate, protect and control the index through the keyboard.
12. Delay start: it can set up within 0~999s, and the delay start index is set. When the start button is pressesed, the display will countdown the time. The motor will start when the delay start index is 0.
13. The communication interface (option) : PROFIBUS fieldbus communication protocol, MODBUS fieldbus communication protocol or the RS485 communication interface.
* Low-consumption operation online (bypass contact is built in)
* Marginal triggering thyristor withstanding the high surge current
* Intelligent type digitization, three microcontrollers and high reliable circuit design
* Chinese-English display menu realizing the human machine dialogue
* Displaying the working voltage and circuit while running
* Installed the motor overload, phase-failure etc. protection
* Advanced soft starting and stopping function
* Installed the communication interface (optional)
* 4-20mA analogy signal outputting the motor working circuit
* Delayed starting function
* Strong controlling and protection function
* Fault diagnosis and humanity design
* Natural wind cooling, small size and pretty design
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Supply Capacity
1500 sets per month
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10 days
Minimum Order Quantity
5 sets
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L/C or T/T
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FOB Tianjin
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1 year