Sell 38E Toric Lens

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Name: 38E Toric Lens
Type: Toric Lens
Adom Fashion: Extended Wear

1. Toric soft contact lens can makes you feel more comfortable.
2. Good quality in optics, free bi-curve design can correct all astigmia.
3. Softer and wear comfortable, no foreign body sensation.
4. Good water content and assures cornea has enough oxygen.
5. Good design makes your eyes more beautiful and healthy.

Colour: Blue, Green, Violet
Material: P- HEMA (Benz USA)
Water content: 38%
Technology: CNC machining and two surfaces polished
UV: No
General Radian: 8.3, 8.6
General Diameter: 14.4
Scope Of Degree: Spherical-1.00D~-8.00D (0.25DSteps)
Astigmia: -1.00D~-3.00D(0.25DSteps)
Axis Range: Any

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