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This kind of molecular sieve for insulating glass can both absorb the moisture and organic among in the space of insulating glasses in order ot keep clean and transparent even under a very low temperature.
At the same time, it can fully reduce the large pressure difference caused by the changes of the enviroment between inside and outside of the glass. The above working prinple of molecular sieve sloves the problem of distorting and breaking easily which is caused by using the common desiccant for insulating glass totally and fully prolongs the life of insulating glass.

Main Applications:
Adsorb the moisture and no usage substance which enter into the insulating glass druing the production.
Keep the low dew point by adsorbing the inside moisture continually.
Improve the effect of saving energy by filling inertgas, because of the molecular sieve none adsorption for Sf6.
Supply Capacity
180 Tons per month
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