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3Amolecular sieve are mainly used in the desiccation of petroleum cracked gas olefin and oifield gas They are industrial desiccation for chemistry industry pharmacy and insulated glass manufacturing
1:Desiccation of liquids
2:Air drying in the insulated glass
3:Dring of hydrogen and nitrogen mixed gas
4:Desication of refrigerants
in order to achieve better operation capability and longer life the product . molecularsieve must be regenerated after a definite period Themolecular sieve , which have been regenerated in a corret way , have the same performaceas the new one the attenuation and aging of its adsorption performance as well as the mechanic performance are exdroardinarily low

There are two methods for the regeneration of molecular sieves

Ariable temperature methad the adsorbed substances will be removed by heating the molecular sieve Generally after the warming -up the regenerated gas will be heated and it blows the molecular sieve till200'c The adsorbed substances will be desorbed and removed by the gas

Ariable pressure method it is used generally in the process of gas adsortption . The temperature of sorbents remains in the same situation , by dropping the pressure and bythe reverse blowing of inert gas the adsorbed substances can be removed

The regeneration iscommonly a converse process of adsorption it is not necessary for the most adsorbed substances which have been held at the ehtrance of the absorption bed , to pass through the whole bad layer . A part of the molecualar sieves can have no contacts with the damp heats gas , so that their life could be prolonged The regenerated gas should be as dry as possible , otherwise the adsorption efficiency will be affected
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