Sell 3D Earth Imager Hand Held Metal Detector Localizer 3000

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Because of some additional equipment it's the optimal device for professional tasks. Suitable for archeologists and professional treasure hunters.

Localizer 3000 is a ground penetrating instrument which you can use if you're looking for burried metal objects such as pipes, boxes, weapons and jewellery. Also you can detect voids such as caves, rooms and graves.

With its integrated single sensor you can scan up to 10 m* depth, by using the differential sensors you can even penetrate up to 15 m depth into the ground.

If you are using Localizer 3000 to scan an area you can see immediately a picture of the ground on the monitor. All necessary data will be calculated in the internal 300 MHz Intel.-compatible processor. If you are using the professional imaging software Visualizer 3D you are also able to determine the position and depth of objects.

There are some other optional components which you can use with Localizer 3000.

Integrated features (standard) :
- Magnetometer
- Single Sensor
- External Power Supply
- Differential Sensors
- Wireless Headphones
- Visualizer 3D, data cable

Additional features (optional) :
- DDV, Disc Detector Visualization System
- Super Sensor

- DDV - Disc Detector Visualization System
With the DDV-System the device is able to discriminate between different metals like gold, silver or iron. Additionally to an audible signal you will get a visual representation on the monitor of the device.

- Super sensor
With the Super sensor you can get high resolution images. The integrated discrimination electronic helps you to distinguish between ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as cavities.
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FS Future Series
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