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Mediabop new generation One-Pass Lenticular Printing technology , is constituted by 2880 DPI lenticular image processor , Mediabop 3D4U special visual effect design software, Mediabop ICC color management , Mediabop DIPP (digital image processing platform ) and inkjet synchronization typesetting platform . And MPR (Mediabop Printing format) , which is only 1/8 smaller than the original CMYK file , is used as the printing format of the large file
EPSON 9910 printer is the hardware part of this system. The output software uses FM RIP, takes Mediabop-released ultra precious ink positioning JETWAVE technology to control ink dot size, ink amount and nozzle compound printing. By selecting the printing ink mode, double CMYK high speed printing mode can be used even using the Epson ink to produce the lenticular image in a fast speed by using Mediabop vertical compression technology. Mediabop FM RIP, speeds up the printing speed by 2-8 times under the printing resolution of 2880DPI or 1440 DPI, While twice in the ordinary resolution and four times in high quality lenticular image printing without any mechanical change; it is a great tool to produce the lenticular image