Sell 3D PhotoCrystal Booth

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3D Photo-Crystal Booth: The Future of Photo-Booths!Next generation photo booths for malls, and high traffic retail areas.

Turn-key set up. ROI within 12 months. Area exclusive licenses availableness with purchases of 5 units or more. Very high profits with very little maintenance and no staff!

Step inside to create your very own 3D Photo crystal!
Have your 3D picture engraved in a crystal keychain or pendant in just
2 minutes!

The 3D Photo-Crystal Booth (3DPCB) is a new unique business
opportunity. Its so unique in fact, that InSpeck is the only company in the
world offering such a product! Their booth can be installed in theme parks,
shopping centers, Malls, Airports, family entertainment centers, museums
and any other high traffic areas. Will you be among the first to introduce
this in your city?


 No employees: customers activate system by paying and follow instructions to obtain their own personalized 3D Photo-Crystal.
 Small footprint: 20 sq. feet (2 sq. meters) of space is all the space youll need to install the booth. Small footprint usually translates in reduced rent cost.
 Low maintenance: All operators have to do is replenish the photocrystals when the booth is almost empty and collect money periodically.
Quick return on investment: Recuperate your investment in about one year (depends on location) .
 High profit margins: A 3D Photo-Crystal costs a small fraction of their sales price to make.
 No competition: You will not find a similar product elsewhere in the world. Be amongst the first in your city to own and operate such an innovative product!

Technical specs:
Dimensions: 78" (200cm) Long x 78" (200cm) High x 36" (90cm) Wide
Voltage: 220V (200-240V) 50/60Hz/ 20A
Computer: 1 x rack mounted Windows XP
Monitor: 1 x LCD panel
Water cooling unit: (15 liters) of distilled water (needs to be changed occasionally)
Capacity: 140 Key chains only
Laser Engraving time: 2 mins (average)
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
110 or 220 50/60Hz
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
Warranty Coverage
12 months