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3D camera
In the models of GH Series , laser subsurface engraving systems, 3D cameras such as the 3D camera A--3D Capturer II (0.3M pixels) or the 3D camera B --3D Mega Capturer II (1.3M pixels) can be used to take 3D photos of some persons to form 3D portraits with excellent quality.
3D camera B is the latest innovation in art 3D digitizing technology. Its ability to capture more than 1.3 million points of geometry and texture makes this capturer a market leader in its field.
Hair & Speed: It can capture the hair which helps define the subject's face in the crystal. A picture is taken in one second, a speed that makes it possible to take images of children;
Larger Field: It allows users to take the image of up to 4 people together with a high-resolution mega-pixel;
Size and Portability: Users can take the camera on location to a special event, as the system is very portable and can be carried easily by hand;
Point cloud generation & pre-visualization: You can judge if the point cloud result is satisfactory before the engraving procedure;
Text & Logos: Integrate company logos, brands or personalized signature along with the image to your crystal;
Compatibility: The software can export to various formats including ASC, DXF, CAD and OBJ making it compatible with the laser engraving machine.
Technical Specifications
type 3D Camera A 3D Camera B
People Captured 1 to 2 1 to 4
Field(mm) 655W490 895W715
Resolution(mm) 1 0.7
Stand Off Distance (mm) 850 800
Ref. Distance (mm) 1100 1100
Texture (pixels) 640W480 1280W1024
Geometry (points) 0.3 MB 1.3MB
Acquisition. Time(sec) 0.4 0.7
Computer PC: (Windows 2000, XP)