Sell 3D digital brain electric activity mapping instrument

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3D digital brain electric activity mapping instrument

Voltage: 220V110%, 50H11HZ2. Rated Power<= 400w
Working time (continuously) : >=8 hours
Paper speed: 15mm/s, 30mm/s, error: 110%
Sensitivity: 105V/mm, 205V/mm, 505V/mm
CMMR: >=80dB
Amplifier internal noise: <=35V/p-pO
Range frequency character:1Hz-30Hz error less than +5% ---- -30%
Polarize resistance: + -3 00mV direct current polarize voltage.
Low frequency characteristic: (0.5, 1.6, 5.0) Hz (equal to time constant 0.3, 0.1, 0.03) , peak value reduce>=3Db
High frequency characteristic: (15, 30) Hz, peak value reduce>=3Db
Calibration Voltage: 505V Sine wave, error15%
Baseline excursion<=1.1mm

1. Quality print report, a wide choice of styles; word style, word size, and word color can be setting.
2. No-pen tracing EEG, intelligentized computer through computer; statistical chart and system setting, abundant template directory; insulation system prevent the creepage to ensure safety;
3. Events description: open eyes, close eyes, sleep, breathe in excess, etc. EEG can be enlarged in full screen.
4. Manual and Automatical numerical control Flash stimulator
5. monopole, double poles and reference pole can be setted automatically.
6. the absolute electroencephalogram and relatively electroencephalogram each for 6pcs. Display the relief map with relating electroencephalogram, figure chart, probability chart, side view, zoom in, right view, top view, or ratio survey in the same display.
7.3D solid reelingly relief map. Real-time multi-power charts can be zipped.
8. Windows interface, mouse and function button operation.
9. Image report format can be selected and modified freely; Abundant patient cases template directory.
10. Label 16 grades relief map according to geography contour lines; 3D rotary relief map, multi-frames relief map circumvolve at the meantime, single-frame enlarge and circumvolve; more than 1000 thousands reports with words and pictures can be saved.
11. Linear brainwave real-time scanning, Recording patients's details, the working specifications of apparatus, clock, lead name, signals, color display monitoring, relief map, power chart analysis, data analysis, zipped chart analysis, paramete measurement, deposited, replay.
12. Software upgrade free for charge.