Sell 3D imaging System and Laser Engraving Machine

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A Versatile Sub-surface Engraving Machine

The QuickMark 3000 is Tontops flagship of laser engraving machine. Equipped with the latest laser diode technology and motion control technology, QuickMark3000 can produce crystal gifts with a speed up to 3000 points/second.

QuickMark 3000s high capacity ensures success with multiple business models. In high traffic retail locations, customers normally are delighted to see their personal images within 1 minutes engraving time while the retail business is highly impacted. QuickMark3000 can also act as a processing center to process orders collected from satellite stores. Furthermore, QuickMark3000 is also effective in production of corporate orders with its high speed and long-term stable use.

The QuickMark 3000 is CE certified to ensure high operation safety and reliability. The innovative diode laser technology make the machine perform stable and need almost no maintenance.

Main Features:
Micro Points: Tontops special artistic Micro Points feature is generated by super fine points radiated from high quality laser beams to reach the resolution of 500 dpi. The high speed feature also realizes the effect in short period.

Functional Software: various templates, automatic operations, production statistics etc.

Various applications: from pendants to big size decorations

Low maintenance: No other consumptions except laser diode; 1 year or 5000 hours warranty (actual life up to 10000 hours)
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
6 weeks
Minimum Order Quantity
Warranty Coverage
12 months