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TJ DP-523K rapid scanner laser subsurface engraving machine obtains the following characteristics: first, take a 3D photo of one or more persons with a 3D camera and process it in computer to form 3D portraits; second, utilizing laser focusing technology. it can engrave 3D everlasting portraits inside crystals. This model adopts the advanced galvanometer scanner technology together with the 3KHZ diode-pumped laser to greatly increase the engraving speed;
And it adopts the all-in-one structure to greatly save the operation space. Compared with common lampumped lser subsurface engraving machines. this model is excellent in small dimensions, low power consumption, good laser quality. high efficiency, easy maintenance, ect. With the development of material life, people pay more attention to the pursuance of spiritual individuality. Therefore, with a broad market. the 3D subsurface engraved portraits are becoming more and more popular.
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TJ DP-523K
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