Sell 3G-Fax Paper Free Fax Machine

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3G-FAXs Super Advantages:
A paper-free fax machine, no maintenance cost, labor-saving
Tx & Rx faxes can be done even when computer is shut down.
Faxing logs are saved in computer automatically.
All LAN users can send fax at his desk. Incoming faxes are distributed automatically.
Group fax, editing-then-forwarding, electronic signature at your computer
Two-way voice alerting, fax to email, voice answering, etc
3G-FAX digital fax machine is perfect for todays office work with computers and networks. It using large-scale memory chips to replace papers used by the traditional fax machines, with the best quality computer fax software, really become a paper-free fax system, saving money, time and natural resources.

3G-FAX connects to a computer through a RS232 or USB port, to the telephone line through the RJ11 port. As long as the 3G-FAX software is installed, it is ready to work. 3G-FAX can be connected to a single computer or a network of multiple computers.

When 3G-FAX is installed for network use, it works in client-server relationship, i. e. a server computer should be defined and connected to a 3G-FAX hardware box directly, and run the 3G-FAX server software. A server can connect up to 12 3G-FAX hardware boxes. Other computers connected to the same network should run 3G-FAX client software respectively. A 3G-FAX server can support thousands of clients, each of them has its own fax extension number and shares the same external fax line as if directly connected.
Brand Name
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30 x 16 x 7cm
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30 days
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Patent # Z1 01 2 18304 0
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60 days