Sell 3K Carbon Fiber Fabrics

3K Carbon Fiber Fabrics You May Also Be Interested In: carbon fiber carbon fiber fabrics
Weave style: Plain, Twill, Satin,
Width: 10mm-----1500mm (it can be adjust depend you need)
Length: 10000cm/roll
Thickness: 0.20-0.30mm
Weight: 150---500gsm
1. Boat building
2. Automotive parts
3. Aerospace supplies
4. Hobbies
5. Bikes and motorcycles
6. And Much More.
Advantages and Applications Of Carbon Fiber
1. Light weight, convenient construction, the structure does not increase the load;
2. High strength, flexibility can bu used for bending, shear and closed hoop design.
3. Flexibility, and resistance against structure shape restrictions; (beams, columns, ventilation tubes, pipes, walls, etc. )
4. Excellent durability, resistance to chemical corrosion, harsh environment capable and climate change;
5. High temperature resistance, creep resistance, abrasion resistanceand good seismic performance;
6. Fabric can be re-use;
7. Application of a wide range of concrete structures, steel, wood structure can be reinforcement.
Minimum Order Quantity
1 roll
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