Sell 3TF AC Contactor

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3TF series AC contactors are suitable in electrical system with AC 50/60Hz, rated operating voltage up to 660V, In AC-3 usage, rated operating voltage up to 380V, rated operating current up to 630A to remotely make or break motors or system. They form electromagnetic startes with suitable thermal overload relays 3UA5 series to protect system and motors against overload or phase-failure. They are made according to IEC947, BS5424 & VDE0660. The contactor is a straight motion mechanism having doublebreaking contacts. The auxiliary contacts are arranged 2 No, 2NC at most. It is employed the flexible locking connection between the contact support and core. There are no arc-isolated panel in the le <=22A contactors. However in the Ie<=32A Contactors, there are isolated panel. Main contacts are made of high non-fusibility and against corrosion silver alloy. All series products can be mounted by sctrews, Ie<=32A contactor also by installation rail.