Sell 3c card

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Product Description
1) Card can be used as a traditional USB disk
2) Can als o be used as standard SD/MMC card, or digital camera, mobile phone, and PDA's media card
3) Standard SD/MMC and USB port, sharing storage media
4) Standard SD/MMC size
5) Only 2. 1mm thickness

1) Standard size: Standard SD card size (32 x 24 x 2.1 mm)
2) High quality: Samsung A+ class flash chip applied
3) High speed USB disk: Standard USB 2.0 speed (R/W: 9.5 / 8.5M/s)
4) High speed SD card: Approx. 80X
5) SD card (may be different from various similar devices)
6) Capacity: 128MB - 4GB