Sell 3d crystal engraving machine

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This machine is used make the gifts, such as: animals designs, valentine's day designs, mother day designs, father day designs, graduation designs, tourist site designs, promotion designs such as: coco cola designs inside, company logo designs inside for advertising use.
RGSC-400 High-speed Galvanometer crystal subsurface engraving machine is individual and professional subsurface engraving equipment which designed, researched and produced by our company independently and has independent Property Right, the general capability and technical index have reached international leading level.
crystal subsurface laser engraving machine is a high-tech products which combined laser technology, electrical automatization, precise mechanical manufacturing and image disposal software together. Generally it has two working modes, mechanical moving and galvanometer scanning. Scan technology is the most advanced technique for crystal subsurface engraving. The lens which drived by the high-speed precise servo motor will influence the route of the ray through circumgyrating, which change quiescent ray into active ray, so the high efficiency laser processing can be realized. This equipment uses pusle YAG laser, electro-optic Q-switching and frequency-doubling techniques, which can focus the instant-generated pusle power in the crystal, taking the advantage of the character that the crystal may crack when heated, we can acquire the white boiloff explode plot in 5m order, then use the computer to control the size and distribution of the plot and consequently form an verisimilitude 3D image.
This product has advantages such as high speed, low noise, low shake, untouched processing, no mechanical extrusion and mechanical stress, small heat influenced area, no damage and pollution on the work piece; and also operated procedure by procedure, automatic controlling and maintaining expediently. This products combined with 3D camera can be used to make individual 3D portrait engraving in the crystal cube. It can be act as precious souvenir in many occasions such as marriage, birthday, festival, fashion, etc. of special signification of collection; its an ideal business opportunity for investment.